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These pages contain Enrolment and Voting Statistics from the General Election and the Local Restoration Poll held on 12 October, 1996.

1 Overall results

   1.1   Summary of overall results (.pdf 105kb)

2 General Statistics

   2.1   Party votes and turnout by Electorate (.pdf 182kb)
   2.2   Elected Candidate votes and turnout by Electorate (.pdf 714kb)
   2.3   Return of Special Votes (.pdf 1.71MB)
   2.4   Return of Tangata Whenua Votes (.pdf 254kb)

3 Allocation of List Seats

   3.1   Sainte LaguŽ Formula Explained
   3.2   Actual Quotients for Party List Seat Allocation (.pdf 160kb)
   3.3   Party Lists of Successful Registered Parties (.pdf 297kb)
   3.4   Party Lists of Unsuccessful Registered Parties (.pdf 278kb)

4 Summary of votes by electorate

   4.1   Votes for Registered Parties by Electorate (.pdf 310kb)
   4.2   Percentage of Votes for Registered Parties (.pdf 109kb)
   4.3   Winning Electorate Candidate Votes (.pdf 83.5kb)
   4.4   Percentage of Electorate Candidate Votes of successful registered parties (.pdf 109kb)

5 Polling Place analysis by electorate

   5.1   Electorate Candidate and Party votes recorded at each polling place

6 Local Restoration Poll

  6.1   Return of Local Restoration Poll Votes (.pdf 748kb)