Updated at 10:00 am on 01/10/2005
New Zealand Election 2005 

Official Count Results -- Wigram

This is not the formal declaration of results.
The Chief Electoral Officer declares the results of the official count by publishing a notice in the NZ Gazette.
Electorate Number:62 Final:Yes
Polling Places Counted: 63 of 63 (100.0%)  Votes Counted: 34,658
Winning Candidate:ANDERTON, Jim (JAP) Majority:8,548
Parties Candidates
Jim Anderton's Progressive 2,191 ANDERTON, JimJAP15,961
Alliance 55 DOWIE, TomALL61
ACT New Zealand 255 EMILE, TetauruACT203
Direct Democracy Party 5 FOLJAMBE, AntonDDP20
   HANSEN, MichaelNZEE29
National Party 9,895 LOMAX, AllisonNAT7,413
Labour Party 16,271 MORA, MikeLAB6,408
United Future New Zealand 1,313 ROBERTS, VanessaUFNZ988
New Zealand First Party 1,577 ROSWELL, Brian MNZF912
Green Party 1,967 SUGGATE, Richard MalcolmGP1,455
99 MP Party 3    
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party 89    
Christian Heritage NZ 52    
Democrats for Social Credit 15    
Destiny New Zealand 112    
Libertarianz 22    
M‚ori Party 90    
New Zealand Family Rights Protection Party 6    
OneNZ Party 4    
The Republic of New Zealand Party 8    
Party Informals728 Candidate Informals 716
TOTAL 34,658 TOTAL  34,235

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