Official Count Results -- Botany

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The Electoral Commission declares the results of the official count by publishing a notice in the NZ Gazette.
Electorate Number:3 Final:Yes
Polling Places Counted: 39 of 39 (100.0%)  Votes Counted: 29,272
Winning Candidate:ROSS, Jami-Lee (NAT) Majority:10,741
Parties Candidates
ACT New Zealand 478 MURPHY, LynACT631
United Future 94 PARKASH, RamUFNZ185
National Party 17,749 ROSS, Jami-LeeNAT17,780
Labour Party 7,111 WU, Chao-FuLAB7,039
Conservative Party 777 YOUNG, PaulCNSP2,135
Alliance 9    
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party 85    
Democrats for Social Credit 7    
Green Party 1,277    
Libertarianz 13    
Mana 72    
Māori Party 84    
New Zealand First Party 1,278    
Party Informals238 Candidate Informals 1,069
TOTAL 29,272 TOTAL  28,839
Updated 2:00 pm on 10/12/2011

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