Official Count Results -- Invercargill

This is not the formal declaration of results.
The Electoral Commission declares the results of the official count by publishing a notice in the NZ Gazette.
Electorate Number:19 Final:Yes
Polling Places Counted: 83 of 83 (100.0%)  Votes Counted: 32,679
Winning Candidate:ROY, Eric (NAT) Majority:6,263
Parties Candidates
ACT New Zealand 397 CARLINE, IanACT276
Democrats for Social Credit 129 de RUYTER, StephnieNZDSC521
Green Party 2,723 KENNEDY, DavidGP2,433
Libertarianz 34 PLEASANCE, ShaneLIB133
National Party 16,140 ROY, EricNAT17,275
Labour Party 9,296 SOPER, LesleyLAB11,012
Alliance 34    
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party 257    
Conservative Party 643    
Mana 63    
Māori Party 162    
New Zealand First Party 2,213    
United Future 264    
Party Informals324 Candidate Informals 863
TOTAL 32,679 TOTAL  32,513
Updated 2:00 pm on 10/12/2011

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