Updated at 2.00pm on 22/11/2008
New Zealand Election 2008 

Official Count Results -- Whangarei

This is not the formal declaration of results.
The Chief Electoral Officer declares the results of the official count by publishing a notice in the NZ Gazette.
Electorate Number:62 Final:Yes
Polling Places Counted: 59 of 59 (100.0%)  Votes Counted: 36,716
Winning Candidate:HEATLEY, Phil (NAT) Majority:14,663
Parties Candidates
Labour Party 10,433 CHALMERS, PaulLAB8,393
Green Party 2,187 DOHERTY, PaulGP2,731
Democrats for Social Credit 66 GOODHUE, Edgar KennethNZDSC179
United Future 260 GUNSTON, MaureenUFNZ107
National Party 18,252 HEATLEY, PhilNAT23,056
Libertarianz 18 HUGHES, HelenLIB61
RAM - Residents Action Movement 25 KAIPO, MartinRAM281
ACT New Zealand 1,385 McCLELLAND, Thomas JohnACT304
Jim Anderton's Progressive 531 SHEPHERD, VivJAP636
   VALLINGS, SimonIND113
Alliance 17    
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party 169    
Family Party 128    
Kiwi Party 167    
Māori Party 333    
New Zealand First Party 2,246    
New Zealand Pacific Party 12    
The Bill and Ben Party 231    
The Republic of New Zealand Party 3    
Workers Party 13    
Party Informals240 Candidate Informals 413
TOTAL 36,716 TOTAL  36,348

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