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Percentage of Party Votes Received by each Party

41%(50) 39%(48) 6%(7) 5%(6)          
Labour Party National Party New Zealand First Party Green Party United Future New Zealand Mori Party ACT New Zealand Jim Anderton's Progressive Others
LAB NAT NZF GP          
Numbers in brackets are seats won by party

Election Results Pages

Overall StatusSummary of party votes, party list seats and electorate seats.
Electorate StatusSummary of leading candidates by electorate.
Electorate DetailsThe electorate count details.
Advance Votes Summary of Hospital Votes and Advance Ordinary Votes cast before Election Day.
Successful Candidates List of Successful Candidates
Statistics The detailed report of the General Election 2005 (E9). This includes allocation of list seats, special declaration votes statistics, split vote analysis and polling place by polling place voting information.

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